I’m Nicola and have grown up with dogs from a young age. During childhood my ambition was to become a police dog handler. I went to university to study Criminology and during my studies became a PCSO (Special Constable), however whilst volunteering as a Special I realised that a career in the police force was not ideal for me. But I knew I still wanted to work in crime or with animals.

My Leaps and Bounds journey started when I became a client with my second dog Copper. I already had a Teacup Chihuahua called Bailey and got Copper when Bailey was 2 years old. As Copper got older he became reactive towards other dogs barking and lunging, then he became fearful of new people. It got to a point where walks with Copper were not enjoyable and his behaviour was getting worse, I just didn’t know what to do. I contacted Leaps and Bounds for some behavioural 121 session’s. Through the training and guidance provided I began to see a change in Copper, his behaviour started to improve, he was becoming more confident and in general a much happier dog. It even got to the point where we were able to join a GIVE ME SPACE course, working around other dogs without Copper reacting.

Seeing these changes in Copper, I knew I wanted to help others who were having the same struggles as I had. Helping my dog to transform into a happy, more confident little dog was so rewarding, it made me so feel elated that I had improved my dogs overall wellbeing and therefore mine too. It was then that I decided I wanted to do the same for others that were experiencing the same thing as us.

This is when I approached Leaps and Bounds dog school and expressed my interest in becoming a dog trainer. I have been working as an assistant dog trainer for just over a year now and have learnt so much, I’m very excited to see where my dog training career takes me.

I have recently introduced a new member to the pack, a working Cocker Spaniel called Ace who I am currently training to become an agility competitor and possible a working gun dog.
I am now qualified as a Canine First Aider, have attended the IMDT 2 day Career as a Dog Trainer course and am currently studying for my level 4 PETbc Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma and Level 3 Health and Nutrition Diploma.

Nic, Copper, Bailey and Ace!

Tammy Burrage dog trainer cambridge


Tammy Burrage dog trainer cambridge