I was born and raised in Australia and from a very young age I’ve worked with animals. I’ve had dogs my entire life and currently have two rescues.

Dobby the Jack Russell was a very challenging subject indeed. I took him on with severe aggression issues. He wanted to attack everything! People, cyclists, horses, other dogs and birds where all on his hit list. The moment I agreed to take him, he turned and leapt up at my face, and I thought “What on earth have I just undertaken?”

After consulting with Tammy, we set out a training plan and after 6 months he was a different dog. He now lives with dozens of chickens, geese, turkeys and other animals. He even lays with them sometimes and goes to sleep in the sunshine!

My other rescue dog, Luna a Jack Russell/Patterdale cross, was a severely abused hunting terrier who never knew kindness. She has a very sweet nature.

My background is in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation with orphaned and injured animals. In Australia I rescued and hand reared kangaroos, koalas, wombats, possums, fruit bats, snakes and reptiles, as well as many birds species including parrots, emus and kookaburras.  Upon leaving Australia to travel, I worked with many more species around the world. Lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles, Asian elephants and even porcupines!

Now that I live in the UK, aside from working at Leaps and Bounds, I own and run a busy wildlife and exotic animal sanctuary in Cambridgeshire.  I utilise many of the training methods we use at the dog school in training some of the resident animals.  I have trained the macaws to free fly outside and return, the kookaburras to laugh on cue and Jasper the fox to sit and give paw!

I have seen first hand how dramatically positive reinforcement training can totally transform aggressive and scared animals into absolutely wonderful companions.  I’m so lucky to be part of an amazing team of like minded trainers.


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