Please complete this form online or print it out HERE and send it to the correspondence address.  Alternatively we will collect it at your first class or home visit.

Please read the following for all classes or home visits:

  1. All dogs must remain on a lead at all times, unless you are specifically told to allow them off.
  2. Please bring suitable bags for the disposal of faeces.
  3. NO physical abuse of dogs is allowed.  We DO NOT allow the use of choke chains.
  4. If on arrival your dog is not suitable for group classes alternative arrangements will be made.
  5. Please inform us prior to your class if your dog is reactive so that special care can be taken.
  6. Please bring treats and inoculation certificates to the first class.
  7. Please let us know if your dog has any known allergies or tendencies to eat unusual objects (toys).
  8. We do occasionally video clients to assist with explaining training or to put on our website or Facebook page.  We will ask first before doing so.
  9. If you are any way dissatisfied with our service, please let us know.

Please see our Where to Find Us page for training location.