Hi I’m Jess! 

So my Fergus, a Gordon setter, is my first ever dog and boy did he present a challenge! At around a year we were recommend Leaps and Bounds for some more in-depth training, utilising the one-to-one sessions that Leaps and Bounds offers. Within a few sessions Fergus really began to click with the training, becoming more focused than ever! Anyone with a Setter will tell you of the stubbornness and determination that they have, and through our sessions me and Fergus truly began to see eye to eye and work together as a team.

Through our sessions I discovered a passion for training and working dogs, and Tammy and Kate noticed it too! I began attending our classes to observe and I was quickly up helping out where I could. Nowadays I’m assisting and teaching classes throughout the week, under the guidance of Tammy and Kate, and it is quite honestly the best feeling in the world helping people connect with their puppies the way Tammy and Kate helped me connect with my Fergus. 

From my time working at Leaps and Bounds my passions for training dogs has only grown and I hope to pursue field trials and more gun dog related sports in the future! 


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