The most important part of your puppy’s early learning takes place between ages 8-25 weeks.

It is during this period, that you should be educating your puppy in training and behaviour fundamentals, allowing them the chance to adapt to a multitude of new environments and learn to adopt positive social behaviours that will start your journey off on the right paw. At Leaps and Bounds we will guide you through this transition as smoothly as possible, ensuring that your pup remains self-assured and full of character!

In our Puppy Socialisation classes we will teach you how to socialise your pups with both dogs and people, in a way that they will flourish with confidence and find their paws in the big wide world! In our secure, controlled environments we will introduce your pups to others that vary in breed, size and most importantly character so that they learn social skills and fundamental behaviours in a progressive, positive environment.

Some of the basic training aspects we cover in this course are sitting, laying down, standing, focus, waiting, leave it’s, happy to walk on a lead and begin recalls. All fundamental manners that ensure your pup’s safety and the safety of your dinner!

Other more advanced behaviours this course covers includes positive crate training, toilet training, overcoming distractions, stop any play biting, addressing initial separation anxieties, deterring any jumping or attention seeking behaviour (as cute as it might be please bear in mind the effect it could have on young children!) and learn to engage fun, stimulating activities to calm your pup and take its focus away from chewing your brand-new couch!

But don’t forget…your new pup will learn bad habits just as quickly as they learn good ones! It’s important to catch and correct any negative behaviour early to avoid it becoming a more persistent problem in the future.

Hand in hand with our Puppy Socialisation course, we have found that many of our clients have benefited from the additional service we offer which is the Puppy Home Orientation visit.  This consists of 1.5 hour visit to your home to ensure that your puppy gets the best start to settling in to her new home environment and family.  We cover all the important elements from bringing your new addition home to feeding them, building a strong bond and giving you the tools and more importantly the confidence to look after them.  It can be a daunting learning curve but we can answer all your questions and be there to support you in those important first weeks.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, we would be more than happy to discuss the details of this to ensure it is the most effective class for you.