Puppy Home Orientation Visit

We have found that many of our clients have benefited from our unique, tailored service that we offer new puppy owners which is the Puppy Home Orientation Visit.  It goes hand in hand with our Puppy Socialisation course as a precursor or in addition to.  We can make the first few days and weeks of having your new puppy home as stress free as possible, so giving you the chance to have quality, rewarding time with your puppy as you get to know each other.   We offer a 1.5 hour specialised visit to your home to ensure that your puppy gets the best start to settling in to their new home environment and family.

We cover all the important elements from the initial journey home to feeding, toileting, building a strong bond and giving you the tools and more importantly the confidence to look after them.  Since we conduct these in your house and garden, we can advise you specifically about puppy proofing these areas. Our aim is to ensure that all family members, young and not so young are involved with the puppy’s training interactions and this can start as soon as they arrive home in a gentle, positive, reward-based manner.  It can be a daunting and a steep learning curve but we can answer all your questions and be there to support you in those important and exciting first weeks.

From this initial visit, you can then choose whether to join our excellent Puppy Socialisation course and learn in a social, safe and secure setting with other new owners and puppies or have a series of 1:1s to introduce you and your puppy to that vital first stage of training at a time convenient to your schedule, with one of our experienced trainers. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to book a Puppy Home Orientation Visit.