We are delighted to be able to offer you 121 session that will suit whatever query, issue or challenge that you are experiencing with your dog at whatever stage in their life, whatever you dog’s history, age or experience.  It is worth remembering that everyone will learn in different ways and at a different pace and we are intent on providing a learning experience that suits individual clients as well as those who thrive in the more social class participation atmosphere. Many owners decide to do both!

These 1:1 sessions provide you with dedicated time with our qualified trainers to address specific issues or tasks.   In our extensive experience, it may be that you need to build some confidence or address certain aspects of training that will make life easier for you to enjoy your dog, build the bond between you and be confident taking your dog out and about. 

This could include incorporating the distractions that you might encounter on a daily walk in your local area, for example going past joggers calmly, so that you learn how to influence and engage with your dog when outside in these situations.  As an alternative, we have the use of our large, secure field where we can target recalls, practice off lead heelwork and all other important aspects of training in a safe environment where we can control the level and type of distraction.

It may be that more complex, in depth issues need to be reslolved in order to make walking your dog an enjoyable experience again.  Reactivity in the house and outside, aggression and separation anxiety can affect the well being of your dog and your relationship with your dog.  These are all issues that we see and help with on a regular basis and our trainers can provide tailored, comprehensive support and guidance for you.  We have attended regular training courses, conferences and workshops to gain knowledge in employing the most effective, positive training methods to help your dog learn a new, better way to interact with their world. 

As important as it is to help your dog, it is essential to provide owners with the understanding and knowledge and tools to be able to communicate with their dog effectively during this process.   

For additional guidance, we can also send you video clips to further illustrate the training and offer support and help via telephone or email within working hours.

The 1:1 training will always be structured with achievable goals, learning with positive reward-based methods but also having fun with your dog.  It is important to mention that we would never promote or practise methods that are violent and could potentially cause your dog harm.

We recommend contacting us sooner rather than later as all these home visits are in demand.  We do our best to work around your busy schedules and find a time to meet you on a regular basis that best suits your lifestyle. Whatever your problem is, we are here to give you as much guidance and support as possible.