If you have just rehomed a dog from a rescue shelter or have an older dog, you would like to introduce to training our Newcomers One course is the one for you!

Any dog over eight months of age tends to fall outside of the age bracket for most puppy training classes. They tend to have a little fundamental training behind them that needs honing in and may display a few behavioural problems that indicates a need for mental and physical stimulation. On the other hand, they may have had no previous experience in training at all and are in need of some lessons, but an owner may not feel they can take them to classes because of their age. This is certainly not the case!

There is nothing to say that any rehomed dog, or an older dog that’s a bit out of practise can’t begin a new training journey. Far more people are choosing to rehome dogs than even 10 years ago and that has led us to specifically tailor a training class to incorporate all the necessary skills required by an owner to bring out the best in their rehomed dog.  With a little time, patience and training, older dogs can almost have a new lease of life as they become happy, well-adjusted family members. Through positive, reward based training we can encourage them to adopt new behaviours and become more focused. 

The combination of older and rehomed dogs in one class offers each a stability that would not be found in another class. Older dogs tend to have a calmer personality than puppies but can still display juvenile behaviour that has not been previously corrected. This gives a rescue dog the opportunity to socialise with a number of breeds without the flamboyance and misplaced confidence of a puppy. For a re-homer that has anxiety issues, this is a big relaxer. They can enjoy building their confidence with a number of unique personalities without the fear of being bounced over. It gives older dogs the chance to experience dogs with behavioural traits they have not yet experienced, which lets them build respect and manners for those who require a little distance.

 In this course, you will learn the fundamental aspects of dog training, teach your pup to adopt positive behaviour and discourage negative attitudes the same way you would in a puppy class. You will become accustomed to things that may trigger your dog and learn how to responsibly manage your dog’s behaviour in a loving and secure environment.

All of our training sessions will be controlled, with a number of staff to assist you. As well as basic sits, downs, stands, recalls, walking on a loose lead and leave it commands, you and your dog will learn the importance of manners when it comes to food and socialisation to ensure they are a well-mannered member of the family. These skills will help to build trust, respect and an everlasting bond between you and your pooch. Other more advanced behaviours this course covers includes positive crate training, toilet training, overcoming distractions, stop any play biting, addressing initial separation anxieties, deterring any jumping or attention seeking behaviour and learning to engage fun, stimulating activities to calm your dog.

 Remember… if you have allowed your dog to engage in certain negative behaviours it will be much harder to reverse this later on (harder, but not impossible!). This will include jumping on the sofa, toileting in the house and chewing on your furniture or clothing. Establish your dog’s boundaries early and be sure the entire family knows how to enforce them in a positive manner.

It is important to note that the stress of a new environment along with whatever the dog has experienced in its past can make it less than confident in new surroundings, so not all rehomed dogs will be assured in a class environment to start with. This adjustment period will require a lot of patience and reassurance, but will never be a problem for us, no matter how long it takes.

We are more than happy to modify our classes to best suit your dog’s needs and offer both 1:1 sessions and home visits if you would prefer help prior to attending classes to make you feel more comfortable. We are here to support you in every way we can.