Having completed Puppy Socialisation and Puppy Progress, we are proud to offer you a series of more advanced courses to take your training to the next level. Your young pup will always be in need of stimulation and these classes are the best way to continue the adoption of positive behaviour. As always, these courses are huge fun for the family to enjoy.

This begins with our Junior Advanced course, designed for younger pups who have mastered Puppy Progress and are in need of a bigger challenge: working towards off the lead control. Everything your young pups have tackled so far will now be attempted off the lead, making them even more susceptible to the distractions around them.

With off the lead work comes a real emphasis on distance work, including recalls and leave it’s that are far more changeling than those you have done before. So to build your confidence in tackling the real world, all of our exercises will be accompanied by new visual and audible distractions to test your pup’s self-restraint. Their ability to focus and remain committed to the task at hand can be difficult to maintain with so many distractions, so we do our best to replicate those distractions in a safe controlled environment. We introduce lots of smelly, exciting items to practise the leave it command with and will often lay out a gauntlet of these to recall your dogs through, around and even over!

With your dog at roughly eight months of age, they will be heading firmly into their adolescent stages – what we like to call their ‘terrible two’s’. You effectively have a teenager in the house which can bring about some real frustration, but the reward you get from putting their impulse control to the ultimate test is massive. As always, we are pleased to be able to work alongside you and provide you with all the support and guidance you need.

During this course, the bond you have with your pup will be put to the test, but will also benefit hugely from the increased confidence, trust and respect you have for each other as a result. It is a huge learning curve. Our aim is not to churn out a line of robot dogs, but to heighten their personality and unique characteristics through fun, kind and effective reward based training, paving the way for an unbreakable bond between pup and owner.

Many of our existing clients have chosen to repeat this course, loving the variety of class work and mini at home challenges we provide.

As always, we are more than happy to work with you on a 1:1 basis if your pups have a particular fondness for pheasants or fox poo (our favourite!) you can’t tear them away from. Some of the other challenges we are frequently asked to cover include chasing bikes, footballs, horses and rabbits.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about the course. Whatever concern you may have we are always here to help!