Dog Agility is an exceptionally exciting dog sport in which a handler directs their dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. 

In a competitive scene, the dog runs off lead with no food or toys as incentives, being guided around a course by their handler who can touch neither the dog nor the obstacles.  Consequently, the handler’s controls are limited to voice and body language, requiring exceptional training of the dog and coordination of the handler. In a competitive environment, it requires a great amount of planning from the handler who must assess the course, decide on handling strategies and direct the dog through the course with precision. In classes, the same applies just without the pressure of a clock or a judge!

Leaps and Bounds have recently launched a new and incredibly successful agility programme for our clients to have fun with. Regardless of whether you are a national competitor or are just looking for a bit of family fun and exercise these classes are open to you, either as classes or individual 1:1 sessions with our instructor Jo.

As a graded competitor herself, Jo understands how important it is to build your dog’s confidence on the equipment and train your dog in a step by step process before you go flying off on obstacles that in all truth, can be quite daunting – especially for smaller dogs! After the basics have been mastered, you will be able to participate in a variety of courses, ranging from the simple to the complex and work on your distance control. Through this your dog will gain confidence and a serious need for speed!

Of course, the safety of your dogs is our main concern at all times, which is why all activity will be supervised by a professional and all our equipment has been fitted with a rubber, non-slip material. 

Agility really is a fantastic way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog and involve the family in some great outdoors exercise. It’s a very highly recommended way to keep your pups fit and healthy and ultimately, they just love it!  We have a thriving community of youngsters taking part with their dogs, including our own children and dogs.  In addition to an amazing array of different dog breeds and ages of both dogs and owners participating in the fun. 

We are incredibly proud to say that a number of Leaps and Bounds clients – who started the sport for fun – enjoyed it so much that they have gone to compete at a national level.

Please feel free to get in contact with us about our classes and individual 1:1 sessions if you’re interested in some fast and furious fun!