As much as we encourage our dogs to play and have fun, continuously excitable dogs can be very challenging to deal with… we all need a break every now and again! This behaviour tends to appear around the age of 6 to 8 months and is what we call the beginning of the adolescent stage. This is the much anticipated puppy stage in which they decide to spend their Saturday nights bouncing off your living room walls or chewing holes through your brand new sofa instead of sitting quietly by your side. As you may have experienced, these kinds of frustrations occur both in and outside of the home.

Your pup may begin to display ill-mannered behaviour such as ignoring recalls, jumping at strangers and finding a leaf blowing in the wind far more interesting than anything you have to offer. You may even be left with the question of who’s walking who!

It is essential that the naughty habits that come with an overactive dog are dealt with quickly, but always in a positive, reward-based manner. This course is perfect for fun-loving, bouncy pups that tend to air on the side of overconfidence. During this, you will learn how to redirect your dog’s hyperactivity, keep their mind occupied and encourage them to start winding down. Even the bounciest of pups can be taught to adopt calmer, more relaxed mannerisms. As impossible as it might sound, we are here to help guide you towards that light at the end of the tunnel and ensure your dog becomes a polite, well-mannered member of the family.

During this course we will take the training methods and tasks you have learned so far to the next level. With both indoor and outdoor facilities to use we are able to recreate scenarios you may experience in the wide world and teach you how to overcome them. It’s all about your confidence and leadership as an owner. Something we plan to build from the word go.

Once your basic commands have been consolidated, we will expose your dog to high levels of excitement and a number of distractions to which they need to remain calm and composed. It’s important for them to realise that not every situation is a game and when you are out in public facing the dangers that come with road walking or off the lead walks, you are able to remain in total control.

This course is nothing short of a challenge, but the final product will be worth its weight in gold. You will be fully supported through this process, from classes to 1:1 training sessions and online support…we look forward to seeing you there!