Our Advanced course mirrors the Junior Advanced course we offer, however this class is reserved for older dogs who are experienced in training and would like to engage in fun, engaging activities that challenge and stimulate their dogs. At Leaps and Bounds we strongly believe that you can ALWAYS teach an old dog new tricks! 

The focus of this course is maintaining total off the lead control. In this we emphasise the importance of distance work and develop an immaculate response from your dog in regard to recalls and leave it’s. All of our exercises will be accompanied by new visual and audible distractions that we use to replicate an outdoors environment. This course will be an ultimate test of your dog’s self-restraint, designed to really push their mental ability and heighten their personality and unique characteristics through fun, kind and effective reward based training.

As always, we are more than happy to work with you on a 1:1 basis if your pups have a particular fondness for pheasants or fox poo (our favourite!) you can’t tear them away from. Some of the other challenges we are frequently asked to cover include chasing bikes, footballs, horses and rabbits.

Towards the end of this course, we will introduce other, more specific disciplines of training, turning away from our usual obedience training. This includes scent work, trick training heelwork to music and an outdoor introduction to agility to keep your dog’s mind sharp and their body fit and healthy. This aspect of the course is particularly enjoyed by clients as it brings a fresh perspective to training and gives you a few tricks up your sleeve to impress dinner guests! 

Please feel free to contact us for further information about the course. Whatever concern you may have we are always here to help!