I have 2 rescue dogs who both came with numerous issues: behavioural or bad manners! The trainers at Leaps & Bounds – Tammy and Nat have both been fantastic. 

Offering both 1:1s and classes they have both advised my husband and I (who have never had dogs), on what we need to be doing to help our dogs and breaking the bad habits they came with! Tammy and Nat are very patient, understanding and make training fun for all involved! It is obvious they both love dogs and their work, as they are constantly busy working to support as many dog owners as they can and will still try to fit you in. Tammy and Nat have done wonders for our 2 dogs, and I feel much more confident in knowing what I need to be doing to maintain their progress. Thank you both so much for all that you do!

Emma Hartley with Lad and Jess