We contacted School4hounds looking for help with our rescue Spaniel, who was not well socialised and irregularly aggressive to other dogs. We started with a series of one-to-ones with Tammy and her team to figure out what was happening, and after a short time Tammy was able to give us a training plan to work through which approached the problem from many different angles. We followed this as closely as we could, and saw immediate results. Our Spaniel has now progressed into group training sessions and getting better around other dogs all the time. We know he’ll probably never be 100% ‘fixed’, but we are all much more relaxed, happy and able to manage the situation with the tools provided by School4hounds. We’ve also immensely enjoyed the training that we went through as well as our dog, and the amazing bond its intensified between us all.

Kat Shutt & Guiness