I first contacted Leaps and Bounds school for Hounds due to behavioural issues my dog Copper was having. He was very anxious when out and meeting new people which would culminate into aggressive behaviour. He was particularly lead reactive to people and other dogs whilst out on his walk.

We began 1:1 sessions with the team first visited the house to do an assessment. The training was then built up slowly starting with behaviour in the house then moving on to walks outside. They provided us with lots of easy to understand guidance and the results are clear.

Copper is now calmer and happier, he is still a little reactive but not as aggressive as he used to be. We also started 1:1 agility classes with Tammy & Jo which Copper loves this has helped him burn off some energy and improved his recall and general obedience training.

I cannot thank them all enough for their help and support they are all so passionate about what they do and that shows in the happiness and calmness of my dog.

Nicola and Copper